November 21, 2001

Max Payne Daily Review

GameSpot (Australia)
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Rating: 91%

It is an intense story, which may be a large part of Max's appeal. The fact that Max is absolutely on the edge almost seems to logically explain why he has such a supernatural intensity during gunfights. Seldom do plots as adult and mature as this make it into triple-A titles, as developers are often concerned these days that adult-oriented games will lose their mass-market appeal. It is indeed fortunate for gamers that Remedy has had the courage to make such a bold move in such an increasingly conservative industry. The results truly speak for themselves - Max Payne is a highly innovative, atmospheric and exciting game to play. So high is the quality of storytelling in fact, that towards the end of the game when the gameplay and graphics begin to lose their initial impact, the story will likely be the motivation to keep playing, as the continuous twists, turns and plot developments will keep you guessing right until the very end.

Max Payne is an extremely solid, at times revolutionary, title. While we will undoubtedly see very similar "bullet time" effects in the upcoming games based on the film The Matrix, Max Payne managed to get there first. With style, class and panache leveraged in the most impressive graphics engine on the market this year. Highly recommended.

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