November 21, 2001

Max Payne Screenshot Winners Posted!

Today we bring you the winning entries in the Max Payne screenshot contest. They were delayed a bit due to Remedy being tied up, as well as another issue which we'll tell you about in a minute. Anyway, we wanted to tell you that the nine winning shots have been culled from the plethora of submitted shots, and they're ready for your viewing. You can check them all out by clicking here.

The problem alluded to before is what caused a delay in getting the winners posted. Here's the story from our webmaster..

"We had just got done through picking the winners, when I suffered a catastrophic mail loss on my computer that I was unable to recover from (my previous backup was Aug 22nd). How does this affect the screenshot contest? Well, I had all the entries in a secure area on the web site for Remedy to view them, but after I did that, I lost all my mail, which means that I have no idea who did any of them anymore.

What we need now is for the winners of these nine screenshots to contact us regarding their entry. At that point we'll be able to work out how and where to send prizes to. We'd appreciate it if those involved can contact us ASAP - we're very sorry for the problems."

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest - there were lot of good ones in there, and it was pretty hard to pick. To those who didn't win, hang in there, we'll probably be running another contest of some sort shortly.

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