December 4, 2001

Max Payne is #1 on!

Today we've noticed that Amazon has posted their Editor's Choice picks for the best 10 PC games of the year, and Max Payne has come out on top! If you check out their page of the best PC games, you can see Max Payne listed at the top of the heap over other games such as Civilization 3, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, & Black & White. Here's a bit of what Amazon had to say about Max Payne:

Aside from its inspired use of photorealistic graphics and unique graphic novel (comic book) panels to further the plot, the game also features something called Bullet Time: a slow-motion toggle, usable for a limited time, that re-creates the awe-inspiring diving maneuvers made popular by director John Woo and, of course, The Matrix.

Check out's list of the top 10 PC games of the year today.

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