December 11, 2001

Max Payne Console Release Date Revision

We have received updated information from Rockstar regarding the release of Max Payne for the PS2 & Xbox consoles in the United States. Previously, we had said Max was to be out on the 7th on these two consoles. Today we got word of revised street dates:

* The PS2 version of Max Payne is slated to street TODAY - the 11th.
* The Xbox version of Max Payne is now slated to street on Monday the 17th.

Again, these updates are for the US only - the previous announced release dates (Jan 11th for Europe on PS2 & March for Xbox) are unchanged. We ourselves will not be selling the console games direct from 3D Realms, but you can pre-order them now from Amazon's site by clicking on the Xbox & PS2 boxes below.

In other Max console news, the first reviews of the PS2 & Xbox versions of Max Payne are in! These come from Gamespot, and both reviews scored pretty high - the PS2 review scoring an 8.0, and the Xbox version weighs in with a 9.2! Make sure and check 'em both out today!

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