January 21, 2002

Max Payne Daily Review

GamePro magazine (No. 2001)

Rating: 95%

[Bullet-time] looks amazing and works surprisingly well. Coolest of all is when you're diving across a room, spraying bullets at your enemies, and sending sparks and blood flying--all in dramatic slow motion. Expect many imitators. Even without bullet-time, Max Payne would be a first-rate title. The gritty New York environments are among the most detailed and realistic ever created.

Max Payne is a well-polished gem. Everything is done perfectly, from the graphics to the gameplay to the voice-acting to the story.


Gone Blind Gaming

Rating: 9/10

One of the things that dropped my jaw, was a scene where I was in a warehouse, and I shot (by accident) a propane tank. The nozzle flew off, and a gassy flame was flowing out the top. That was very cool looking in and of itself, but when that thing blew up, I nearly wet myself. It didn't just "explode", like we'd see in many other games that don't go for the micro-detail this game does. This tank shot across the room, like a rocket, and blew up on impact. To see this tank flying across the room, like a giant rocket - took my breath away.

Whoever they hired to be the concept/visuals designer for this game should have earned their weight in gold in directing this game, they did an excellent job immersing you in the atmosphere.



Rating: 91%

Part Matrix, part Dirty Harry, part John Woo, Max Payne is the future of gaming--and the future looks good.


Game Critic

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

[T]his game is driven by genius rendering and lighting, innovative motion techniques and uncannily perfect graphics. It is raised to the nth degree by movie quality sound effects and voice acting, then nudged over the top by a storyline, the likes of which the gaming world has never seen before. Max Payne firmly grasps five star perfection!


Game Gal

(no rating)

Remedy Entertainment's third-person action title rings in the start of 21st century gaming with its new, innovative game engine, the use of new technology for superior lighting and graphics, and an absorbing storyline.

Max Payne's gameplay is revolutionary. Remedy has stocked what could have been a regular Joe of a third-person title with John Woo-style side jumping, two-handed shooting action that never grows tiresome. [O]nce you taste the Payne, you'll never want it to end. This game is so enjoyable that 16 hours is not enough time to fully savor its flavor.

As for women, there aren't many in the game. The few you meet are hard-boiled babes who aren't afraid to wield a piece and run large, covert operations. Better yet, they wear normal clothes and aren't portrayed as silicone-filled sex objects. Be still my bleeding heart. If Max Payne is the future of gaming, consider me cemented in for the ride.

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