January 15, 2002

More Fan Stuff

It's been awhile since we last updated our fan submissions, so we decided to reach into the mailbag and pull out the latest batch of items. Leading the pack this time is a very cool fan made live action video done as a tribute to Max Payne. It's a pretty high quality video file which you can download here. You can also download a slightly smaller, lower quality version of the same video here if you don't want to download the big one. It's a very cool little video - we think Max Payne fans will get a kick out of it. The video does require the latest DiVx codec to watch, though.)

However, that's not all we have this time around. We have several other items, including a kick ass DNF file called "11th Anniversary" which you can see here, as well as an original piece of Duke Nukem art called "Release me I'm all out of gum!" that you will not want to miss. Make sure and check out the fan stuff page,, there's new stuff to see!

Posted by Joe Siegler on January 15, 2002 at 3:30 PM | Permalink
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