January 25, 2002

Max Payne Walkthrough

Today we were sent a very cool file by Max Payne fan Ashwin Cowsik. It's a Max Payne walkthrough. Now, we've had an online Max Payne Walkthrough available already, but this new one is a Microsoft Word text based walkthrough that you can download and print out and have handy if you are playing the game.

Ashwin's walkthrough is geared towards the PC version, but will work for the PS2 & Xbox versions too, as they're essentially the same game and level structure (the console versions have minor changes due to the various limitations of the console formats).

Anyway, the zip file for Ashwin's walkthrough is small - only about 25k, so check it out today!

Posted by Joe Siegler on January 25, 2002 at 12:00 PM | Permalink
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