January 21, 2002

More Max Payne Awards!

Max has been given some more awards, and we're here to bring you a short summary of them. First off is the best PC game of the year award given to Max by Gamezone. Gamezone's award, they say this about Max:

�The game is absolutely and genuinely unique. Its only major shortcoming is in its bathetic presentation: it comes off as a B-movie at times when it seems the developers wanted it to come off as an A-movie. If you think about it, though, that�s hardly a shortcoming: it�s a game that comes off as a B-movie among a multitude of games that only wish they could come off as any kind of movie at all. It�s really quite an achievement; it�s a mixture of standard story-art qualities (plot/momentum, story, scene balance, character) and standard computer game qualities (bug-free technological excellence, top-notch graphics, compelling sound production, gameplay and interface innovations, editor tools, replayability).�

In other awards, Max was given several Reader's choice awards over at IGN.com. The IGN awards are:

1. Best use of sound - Reader's Choice
2. Best Graphics - Reader's Choice
3. Best Storyline - Reader's Choice
4. PC Game of the Year - Reader's Choice

You can check out all the major awards that Max Payne has won on our Max Payne awards page!

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