December 20, 2002

Rise of the Source Code

And you thought it would never happen...

Today we're doing something I bet most everyone out there thought we'd never do. No, it's not Duke Nukem Forever, but something some folks on the net have been asking us to do for ages. Today we're releasing the source code to Rise of the Triad! The source is being released under the GPL license, and we still retain copyright on the game (plus we still sell Rise of the Triad), but folks have been asking for something like this for a long time, and here it is.

We are dedicating the release of the Rise of the Triad Source code to our late friend and Rise of the Triad programmer William Scarboro, who died tragically back in early August of 2002. I'm sure if he were still with us, William would be happy to see this out there, and see what folks might do with the code.

In the archive are some thoughts about Rise of the Triad by Tom Hall (the game's producer), and Scott Miller (Apogee/3DR CEO/Founder). You can check out the readme here before downloading the entire archive. In addition to this file, we have several other ROTT related downlods available - check out our ROTT page for the full list.

The folks reading this who aren't programmers probably won't have any interest in this, but those who are programmers might want to check it out. You can download the file (which is roughly 4Mb zipped) here.

Enjoy! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone. See ya next year!

UPDATE #2: A new section has been created in our forum for discussion related to the release of the source code. You can also discuss various mods and projects that spring from the source code. Check it out, but the paint is still wet!

UPDATE: Just realized that 8 years ago tomorrow (the 21st) was the release of v1.0 shareware of Rise of the Triad online. This source release was released almost 8 years to the day that we originally released the game in the first place!

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