July 8, 2003

Win a Max Payne 2 Poster

Yes, you have a chance to win a brand new AND SIGNED Max Payne 2 poster for your wall. Absolute collector's item...

All you have to do is post Max Payne 2 fan art or the link to it in this thread. Any art will do - background picture, icon, screensaver or just a photoshopped jpg. Also the already posted fan art of MP2 is eligible, but it needs to be posted to this thread to participate. The winner is picked by Remedy staff. You will need to get your entry in by Sunday night the 13th at 23:59 Dallas time - in other words get it posted on our forums by that time Sunday night.

One additional poster (non-signed) will be raffled between all those who make submissions.

UPDATE: The contest is now closed.

Posted by Joe Siegler on July 8, 2003 at 12:10 PM | Permalink
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