March 5, 2004

Max Payne 2 Screenshot Contest Winners

Back at the end of December, we ran a Max Payne 2 screenshot contest. It's taken some time, but we've finally managed to wade through all the submissions, and have picked some winners for y'all to check out. As a reminder, here are the three categories we asked for submissions of.

*Action -- Looking for a shot that shows cool action, maybe a gunfight or an explosion, etc. This shot might show slow motion action, and might include bullets caught in flight (either from Max's weapon, or heading toward Max, or both).

*Cool moves -- This show shows Max and/or other characters involved in a John Woo-style move, evading danger or upholding the law with lead teeth.

*Humor -- This is a shot that is in some way funny or unexpected. We'll leave it at that!

The Remedy staff looked at all the finalists, and they all voted on their favourites. You can check out all the winning screenshots on this page.

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