April 30, 2004

Update to the Commander Keen FAQ

Here's another old time game that has had something new for it put out. The classic Commander Keen from 1990/1991 has had it's FAQ updated. Keen is a classic game that had a lot to do with the early success of this company, as well as id Software. If you've never tried out Keen, it's still available - we have demo/shareware versions on our downloads page.

The game hasn't been updated since 1991, but the FAQ is new. Check out the latest version here - it's chock full of goodness. If you're a fan of Commander Keen, give it a read.

Also, check out our FAQ section of the website, it has FAQ's on several of our games, including Sam Stoddard's most excellent "Apogee/3DR FAQ". Sam's FAQ covers just about any piece of minutiae about our company history that you'd want to know. And of course, in a Keen related link, if there's anything you ever wanted to know about the Keen character of Dopefish, then check out the Official Dopefish site here.

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