June 8, 2007

Scott Miller Interview

Don't quite know how we missed this one, but we want to draw your attention towards a really good interview with our own Scott Miller over at the newly relaunched Adrenaline Vault site. The interview (with an oh so exciting title of "Interview with Scott Miller") is quite good, and has some interesting, up to date thoughts with Scott about the 360/Wii/PS3 development situation, future developments at 3D Realms, and what Scott does when not at the computer. Here's a couple of previews from the full interview:

Q: What other major issue facing the interactive entertainment industry has drawn your interest?

A: Generally, the issue of making us care about game characters. This is so easy in TV shows, movies and books, yet so difficult in games. We have an unannounced game that will be a giant experiment toward making characters far more memorable. I think that once we, as an industry, get better at this, games will finally be seen as equal as an art form as other media.

Q: You've been in the industry a long time. Over time, though, people change. At the end of the day, are you still passionate about computer and video games? If so, how do you resolve your love of games with the toil of running a business?

A: The industry is as exciting as ever, if not more exciting than 20 years ago. First, running a business is a minor effort, and I certainly don't deal with the day-to-day activities like accounting, ordering supplies and whatnot. My end of "running a business" revolves around initiating and closing deals with publishers and other partners. In the end, that's a small amount of work. Most of my work is in game design. That's why I'm still so excited about being in the industry, because game design is a creative endeavor.

You'll definitely want to read this to see what Scott has to say. The full interview is available here at Avault.

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