September 4, 2008

Apogee Themes

This company has been around for awhile - it started in 1987 in Scott Miller's bedroom. In that time, we've been involved in a lot of games. From the start through 1996, we published games under the name "Apogee Software". That name has been revived recently, but in the classic era of Apogee, we were known for having a theme song at the front of our game releases. It's for that reason this story exists.

Recently, a fan put together a video which shows the progression of the theme song from its earliest use through the last game (to date) to use it, that being Stargunner. Check out this video, it's pretty cool to check out if you're an old school Apogee fan! It also includes some bonus themes, one of which hasn't been released before. :)

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