Shadow Warrior Secrets

Bath House Secrets - Level 12

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1) At the beginning of the level, go around to the propane truck where the Female Warriors are. To get to this secret, you must not blow up the propane truck. Kill the Female Warriors without blowing up the truck and walk around to the rear of the truck and push on the wall. A secret area will be exposed that sports a portable medkit.

2) On the lower level there is a restroom. Push the button inside of the stall closest to the urinals and the wall will raise next to the urinal. Run inside before the wall closes and grab the Riot Gun inside.

3) At the top of the stairs in the second floor there is a Buddha statue in the center of the room against the wall. Use a high impact weapon to shoot the statue to cause it to explode. The secret area will then be exposed and a portable medkit can be found inside.

4) Inside the blue access card door there is a crack in the wall as you walk straight into the room. Blast the crack and walk inside and grab the night vision goggles and the Railgun inside this secret area.

5) Just inside the yellow access door there is a pool with a towel hanging on the wall next to it. Use the towel and a secret hatch will open. There are Sticky Bombs, a medkit and a Guardian Head inside.