Shadow Warrior Secrets

Crude Oil Secrets - Level 14

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1) When you jump into the window of the room where the two computer terminal are, there is one terminal that has a Shadow Warrior symbol on it. Use the terminal and walk over into the next room where the red key card is placed on the tall mainframe computer. You'll notice the mainframe has been lowered exposing a secret area where a portable medkit and an Uzi clip is stashed.

2) When you open the second door inside the red access area, you'll notice an air vent on the wall where the ramp is. Shoot the grate out and jump in from the top of the ramp and grab the fortune cookie and Railgun inside the vent shaft.

3) Inside the blue access door, there is an office with an aquarium. Push against the PC monitor on the desk and the wall behind you will open up revealing a secret office where you will find a medkit, night vision goggles, kevlar armor, and a Railgun.