Shadow Warrior Secrets

Coolie Mines Secrets - Level 15

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1) Walk to the left side of the mines just past the mini volcano that emerges in front of them. You'll see a lava river flowing in soon after entering the mines. Push on the wall where the lava is spilling in and collect the fortune cookie inside.

2) When you approach the blue access card, an explosion will shoot out a chunk of wall to the left of the card. Walk into the hole and pickup a fortune cookie and a missile rack.

3) After you enter the blue access door, there is a crack in the wall behind the first drill you come approach. Shoot the crack open and time a jump in behind the drill when it is out if the way. Follow the path inside the opened area until you reach the secret area where a Railgun, rods, and gas bomb are stored.

4) After you get past the moving drill, there is a crack on the wall to your left. Shoot the crack and enter it to get the smoke bomb, Uzi, and kevlar armor inside. There is also a ladder inside this area that leads to the upper level.

5) When you launch yourself out of the airshaft at the end of the level, drop back down the shaft on east side and grab the grenades and the Railgun rods. Shoot the fan blades out to exit this shaft.