Shadow Warrior Secrets

The Great Escape Secrets - Level 17

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1) When you open the gold key door, there is a well with a drain pipe on the side of the door with the crates. Climb up the drain pipe and grab the smoke bomb inside this secret area.

2) When you walk into the shower room, there is a full length mirror to the left of the sinks that is guarded by meshed metal. Push on the mirror and a secret area is revealing where there are night vision goggles and a Grenade Launcher inside.

3) When you walk up the ramp into where there are 2 beds, push on the wall panel on the east wall next to the farthest bed to the south. The wall will lower revealing caltrops and a Railgun.

4) As you approach the top of the winding steps, jump on top of the stone railing and into the well to the south and dive down. In this underwater secret area you will find shotgun shells, a fortune cookie and a Missile Launcher.

5) Inside of the cell where you retrieved the red access card, there is a hidden secret shaft in the southwest corner of the room. Go to this corner and face west and jump up into the shaft to receive the Ripper Heart hidden within.

6) After using the yellow access card and going into the office where you get the silver key, there is another full length mirror in the northeast corner of the room. Push on the mirror and grab the portable medkit, grenade shells and flash bomb hidden inside.