Shadow Warrior Secrets

Water Torture Secrets - Level 19

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1) When you enter the blue key card door and walk down the hall, you'll notice a slightly blinking wall panel towards the corner. Push on the panel and a secret area will be exposed revealing kevlar armor and a smoke bomb.

2) Inside the next door where the barracks are, you notice a symbol between the beds. If you push in it nothing happens, but if you try it after the room is flooded, a secret compartment will open up where a nuclear missile is stored.

3) When you go into the main control room at the bottom of the red elevator, you will probably remember that there was a red key card access door that wouldn't open. To the left of the door is a wall switch. Flip the switch and one of the two columns in the center of the control room will lower briefly exposing a Railgun.

4) When you go to the yellow key card door that leads to the area where the remote control for the RC car is, you take a elevator down to that location. When you exit the elevator down here, send it back up and stay out of it. A secret wall will open up to the left that holds a fortune cookie and a Ripper heart.

5) When you are controlling the RC car, if you look carefully, you can see a crack in the wall straight ahead of you. Use the car's gun and shoot the crack to blast it open as well as the metal door. When you swim around into this area, a Guardian Head will be in the opening area which leads back up to the beginning of the level if you swim through it.

6) At the end of the level symbol, walk around behind the ledge and grab a RAM heat seeker card for the final secret.