Shadow Warrior Secrets

Zilla Construction Secrets - Level 2

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1) There is a crate to the right of the blue key card door that can be accessed by pressing against it. You'll find some armour and some other useful items inside.

2) In the crated area behind the blue access door, you'll see a hoist that has a medkit on the column supporting the hoist. You can get to this medkit by jumping from the large crate next to the laddered crate. From there turn toward the laddered crate and you'll see a Heat-seeker RAM card. Jump to retrieve it and it will report a secret area.

3) In the room where the yellow key card is found, there is a picture of Master Leap on the wall. There is a switch behind the picture that opens a secret area in the opposite corner that houses some ammo and items

4) In the viewing windows area in this same room there is a air vent grate on the wall. Shot the grate and follow the vent to where a fortune cookie is hidden.

5) In the red keycard access area, there is an access panel to the left of the gold key door that houses a grenade launcher.

6) Inside of the blue access area, jump on the platform to the left of the ramp as you enter this room. Then jump across to the platform and open the panel straight ahead of you and grab a portable medkit.

7) You'll need a working forklift to access this secret area. Drive the forklift over to the left of the turret. Jump on top of the forklift mast and leap onto the area where you can see a Nuke power-up.