Shadow Warrior Secrets

Stone Rain Secrets - Level 20

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1) About midway up the path to the Sumo boss, you can see a crack in the wall across the path. Blow the crack up and jump in the cave and grab the nuclear missile.

2) When you reach the Sumo boss's entrance, jump up and push on the picture of the tiger on the right hand side and a secret area will open to the right of the picture. There are a Grenade Launcher, missiles and kevlar armor inside, but beware.....the switch inside of this area is broken and if you are still inside when the door shuts, you will be stuck!

3) When you go inside the arena and face the Sumo boss, there is a large picture on the other side of the arena. Jump inside and there are 3 fortune cookies in this secret area. In addition, the Sumo boss cannot see you in here and it is a great area to pummel him!

4) When you are inside the Serpent God's lair, there is an area that has a large snake face on the wall. If you push on the wall to the left of the face a secret area will open up. Crouch inside and grab the 2 nuclear missiles and the medikit. You can also dive down in front of the snake face. It looks like lava, but it is actually water. There is a huge stash of items under here!

5) Just as you enter the grated area towards Zilla's lair, you can see a nuclear missile under the grates. Push on the wall the the left side and it will open up and you can reach the nuclear missile. You can also run to the right and it will lead into a huge area under the volcano that has lots of items and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reference.