Shadow Warrior Secrets

Dark Woods of the Serpent Secrets - Level 4

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1) The first secret area to find is the "backdoor" to the area where the gold key is located. When you approach the entrance to the shrine in Dark Woods, look to the right of the door. You'll notice on the ledge that there is a wooden shutter with a crack in it. Blow it open with explosive weapon and enter. There's a nuke power-up just inside the entrance. You see a switch on the wall to the east as well which turns off the fire traps within the shrine.

2) Inside the peasant village that requires the golden key there is another secret area. When you first enter the woods in this area, go to the right when the path forks and head towards the building dead south. Inside the building there is a square structure with murals on the south and north ends. Jump up into the murals and recover the kelvar armor for secret area #2.

3) The third secret area is hidden in the Ripper Valley. Once inside, go downstream from the waterfall. You can dive under where the river runs under the rock ledge. When you emerge from the water the secret area will report, but there is more in this area you should investigate. Head south and jump on the short wall and you'll see a "unordinary" rabbit, a chalice and a knights helmet. This is a reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail. If you blow up the wall beyond the chalice, you'll be rewarded with two fortune cookies and some missiles as well.

4) Secret number 4 is in the Ripper Valley as well. When you climb the rocks to the top of the waterfall, head west upstream. When you go as far as you can, there is a fortune cookie to the south that reports a secret area.

5) The final secret area in this level is well hidden. It is in the area with the movable pillars in the bottomless pit. If you jump onto the center pillar and look down to the south, you see a small ledge with a nuke power-up on it. Use the yellow pillar so that you can jump from the center pillar to this ledge. There is a teleporter that transports you back at the bottom of the ramp leading to the controls.