Shadow Warrior Secrets

Hara-Kiri Harbor Secrets - Level 7

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1) When you walk over to the pond that has the dead trees and the Guardian Head, there is a crack in the wall as you are walking toward that area facing west. Blast the crack and walk into the opening to grab the Sticky Mines, caltrops and medkit inside.

2) Jump on the bow of the large boat that has the red key inside and face the waterfall to the south. Walk out as far as you can on the bow and make a running jump over on top of the waterfall. Walk behind the stone and grab the missiles and fortune cookie.

3) Go across the bay and walk north along the wall. A little more than half way along the wall you'll come to a cave that holds a nuclear missile and a case of Sticky Bombs.

4) Continue north along the wall after walking into the cave until you come to a waterfall at the far north end. Jump up into the waterfall and grab the flash bomb, medkit, and grenades.

5) Go to the gold key door and face south and walk along the boardwalk until you come to the crack in the wall. Blast the crack and grab the Uzi, missiles, gas bomb and Railgun rods inside.