Shadow Warrior Secrets

Zilla's Villa Secrets - Level 8

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1) In the open area across the fence, there is a crack in the wall near the missiles. Blast the crack and grab the Guardian Head for this secret area.

2) Just past the stairs that lead into the area where you pick up the gold key, there is a small Buddha statue in the small wishing well. Jump on top of the Buddha and the column will lower next to the statue. Go inside and collect the fortune cookie, Grenade Launcher and shotgun shells inside.

3) Just inside the silver key door is a candle lit mural on the wall. Walk into it and collect the night vision goggles and the gas bomb inside.

4) Inside of the silver key door, go down the stairs and then proceed up the stairs to the left. A short ways down the hall there is a gong on your left. Shoot the gong to make it sound and a secret compartment next to the fireplace will open for a very brief time. Run into it to grab the missiles and use the switch inside to open the wall again to exit.

5) On the other side of the fireplace there is a small mural set back in the wall with 2 Uzi clips in front of it. Jump into that area and push on the mural and a secret area will be exposed revealing a Grenade Launcher.

6) On the wall opposite of the bronze key door in this same hallway is a shield on the wall. Press on the shield and a secret area to the left will open up revealing a fortune cookie and a flash bomb.