Shadow Warrior Secrets

Monastery Secrets - Level 9

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1) When you begin the level, there is a mural on the same side of the room you are on just before the nook that opens to where you got the red key. Jump into the mural and a secret area will be reported and a Grenade Launcher can be found.

2) If you use the silver key in the area where you grabbed the Ripper heart in the middle of the wrestling mat, you will see a crack in the wall to the left just as you open this door. Blast the crack and jump inside and grab the nuclear missile.

3) Just down the hallway where you grabbed the gold key in the planter next to the Buddha statue, you'll notice another crack in the wall to the right. Blast it open and grab the Railgun inside.

4) Just inside the gold key door, there is a mural to the right of the stairs. Push the mural and the wall will open revealing missiles, a medkit and a smoke bomb.

5) Just before the exit, there is yet another crack in the wall to the right of the exit. Again blast the crack and grab the Uzi and flash bomb inside.