Secret Agent

You're agent 006, top agent of the government's secret organization committed to protecting the world against terrorists and power-mad criminals. Your mission is to parachute into a high -security island outpost and secure the plans to the ultimate satellite laser weapon, which was recently stolen from the government. In the wrong hands this weapon could mean world control by the DVS, the world's most dangerous terrorist organization. You will isolated from outside help as you parachute into the secret island fortress of the DVS. You will need to knock out the vast security system, bypass dozens of extreme traps, overcome hundreds of multi-talented guards (such as thugs, ninjas, sharp-shooters, knife throwers, sentries, dogs, and many robots), and find the missing blue prints. If possible, take out the devious leader of the DVS (sorry, no file picture available).

If you liked Commander Keen or Duke Nukem, this game is just what you're looking for. Lots of great situations to overcome and traps to work around. This game has great puzzles which make it much more than a simple run-jump-and-shoot contest. Superb colorful graphics and scrolling levels. James Bond never had it so tough!

Secret Agent is a full-screen scrolling game, where you sneak around a huge map and enter various hideouts. In each unique hideout you'll search for the laser blue prints, dodge traps, solve puzzles, and blast the bad guys! All in good fun. Save/restore, joystick support, EGA/VGA graphics, and much more.

Originally released Feb 1, 1992.

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  1. - v1.0a shareware episode (265k)
  2. - v1.0 to v1.0a registered patch (267k)

System Requirements


  • XT Computer (286 or higher recommended)
  • 450k of conventional memory
  • EGA Graphics
  • 560k of Hard Drive Space (for shareware)
  • 1.7 meg of Hard Drive Space (for registered)
  • Joysticks Optionally Supported

Registered Download Information

Format: Registered Download - File size: 663 Kb

Estimated Download Times:
28.8 Modem - 3 Minutes, 8 Seconds
56k Modem - 1 Minutes, 36 Seconds
128K ISDN - 42 Seconds
T1 - 3 Seconds