Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes Weapons

Below is a listing of all the weapons that are in the Sony Playstation game, "Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes".  You can also see a list of some of the enemies in the game.

Throwing Knife

Description: They're slow, but they hit their targets point first.  

Ammo Count:Duke has an unlimited supply of these little devils.


Description: When selected, hit the Holster Weapon button to whip one out.  Then tap the fire button to drop it at Duke's feet, or hold and release the fire button to toss it way out in front of you.  If you forget to throw it, it will explode in your hand - Not good!

Ammo Count: Duke can hold 20 sticks of Dynamite.


Description: Duke's golden hand cannon has a special place in the big guy's heart.  It's one of the weaker weapons in Duke's arsenal, but still handy and effective.

Ammo Count: Holds 200 rounds.

Laser Blaster

Description: Your basic laser gun, the Laster Blaster fires pulses of intense, burning light.

Ammo Count: Holds 150 Rounds

Combat Shotgun

Description: This rapid-reload pump-action ventilator packs a serious wallop.  Effective at close and medium range.

Ammo Count: Holds 75 Rounds

Laser Gatling Gun

Description: A real man's laser gun.  Fires bigger laser pulses at a faster rate than the Laser Blaster.

Ammo Count: Holds 150 Rounds

Flame Thrower

Description: Good for when you have enemies that you want to throw flame on.  :)  It has a short range, but is very powerful.

Ammo Count:  Holds 200 Rounds


Incendiary RPG

Description: A double barrelled, shoulder-mounted incendiary missile launcher.  Great for blowing up big things.

Ammo Count: Holds 8 missiles


Grenade Launcher

Description: Ejects one grenade at a time in a graceful arc.  The grenades bounce like golf balls for a couple of seconds, then explode like... grenades!

Ammo Count: Holds 20 grenades


Description: Size matters!  Hit your enemies with this weapon, and they get very very, small.  And Duke isn't afraid of any tiny enemies!

Ammo Count: Holds 30 rounds


Description: Throw one with the fire button (tap for a very short toss, hold and release for more distance).  Once it's thrown, press the fire button again to detonate it.

Ammo Count: Duke can hold 15 pipe bombs

Torpedo Launcher

Description: A portable version of the business end of a submarine.  This weapon is specifically designed for underwater combat.

Ammo Count: Holds 30 torpedoes

Energy Weapon

Description: Generates thick bands of raw energy that ignite their target from the inside out.

Ammo Count: Holds 200 rounds

Mini Laser Gatling Gun

Description: This weapon is more powerful than the Laser Blaster, but has a slighty slower rate of fire than the full size Laser Gatling Gun.

Ammo Count: Holds 100 rounds


Description: One shot temporarily freezes your target in it's tracks; then Duke cn run through the frozen enemy to shatter 'em.

Ammo Count: Holds 100 rounds

Stealth Generator

Description: Shoot babes with this device to automatically return them to safety.  But be careful; if you hit an enemy with this device, they'll become almost completely invisible - and will continue attacking!

Ammo Count: Holds 150 rounds

Sniper Rifle

Description: Eliminate your enemies with surgical precision.  Use the R1 button to zoom in with the scope.  If you're good enough, you can help Duke get some head shots!  There's no ammo for the sniper rifle, but you can reload by picking up another rifle.

Ammo Count: Holds 50 rounds

That's it for the list of weapons in Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes.  If you don't have the game, click on the cover below to purchase your copy today!