Realms of Chaos

Customer Cheat
  • You can warp to any level by using a command line parameter when you start up the game. The parameter is "QUEST:ExLyDz", where x is a number from 1-3 and signifies the episode number, y is from 1-9 and signifies the level number, and z is from 1-5 and signifies the difficulty level. If the "Ex" is missing, the episode number defaults to 1; if the "Ly" is missing, the level number defaults to 1; and if the "Dz" is missing, the difficulty level defaults to 3.
Debug Mode 

Warning: use of any of the following codes may cause the system to crash -- use at your own risk!  These cheat codes quite often do - this is not an empty warning.

  • To enter "examine level" mode, hold [capslock] [d] [x] down simultaneously.

    For each code given below, press [backspace], then type the word in, letter by
  • FIRE - power up weapons for both characters
  • RAIN - recharge health points
  • MAGMA - power up stamina for both characters
  • ASTRAL - Round mana gems up to 250
  • PRIME - has effects of FIRE, RAIN, MAGMA, and ASTRAL
  • ETHER - level warp
  • WIND - partial invincibility (invulnerable to everything except spikes, crushing weight, and drowning)
Tech Support Command Line Parameters
  • NOEMS - turn off use of EMS
  • NOXMS - turn off use of XMS
  • FORCEMEM - disregard memory check at startup (can cause poor performance symptoms!)

  • "Customer Cheat" means it's the cheat given out with the registered version of the software.
  • "Debug Mode" means it's an unsupported cheat mode.
  • "Tech Parameter" means it's a code that does something, but really isn't a cheat, it's more or less there to help Apogee Customer Support.
  • "Misc Command Line Parameter" is the same type of thing as Tech Parameter.
Cheat keys are not officially supported by Apogee. If you use the debug keys, Apogee cannot provide any support, since this alters game performance to a state where our standard support comments and issues might not apply. In short, using cheat keys can cause the game to malfunction or crash. Use at your own risk!