Supernova is one of the company's earliest titles - written back in the 1980's.  It is one of two games ever released by us that has been re-released as freeware.   Recently, we received a walkthrough for the game by a fan (Ramon Bartschat).   We are providing it here as a convenience to others who have the game - we have not verified it's accuracy.

If you want to download Supernova, you can do so here.

Supernova Walktrough (Apogee Software)
by Ramon Bartschat ([email protected])

I will only describe the shortest way.
And I will omit many details. There are many more rooms and objects you should explore
on your own.

In between the described steps you will have to eat, drink and sleep.
-Sleeping can be done in your hotel room bed or spaceship bed.
-You can drink your beer and then refill the mug at a watertap at either your room or your spaceships bathroom. You can also dring directly from the water tap.
-You can only eat the food from the old storehouse, carefull it is for a limited amount of times.

- Buy a beer, sit at the middle table, wait for the aliens to sit down and then "listen carefully" to all they have to say, write down the coordinates they mention. (Notice that the holster in your room is of no use in the game, also the rusty key is only needed to open your hotel room, nothing else)
- Go outside to the old storehouse and get the satchel with food (you don't need the satchel, just the food)

- Go W on the Dusty Road until you "notice something unusual" then type ENTER or IN This will take you directly to the ice planet with all the items you need and you will not be hungry, thirsty or sleepy)

- Go to your spaceship
- Go to the cockpit, place the cushion on the seat and sit down.
- To make it past security you have to provide the same "identity code name" you defined at beginning the game
- Fly to the coordinates you overheard from the aliens in the bar (R2/20-8-23 D2/VEGA)
- Iniciate the countdown and rush for your cryo tube
- Keep trying to land (pushing the button) until you do so.
- Get out of your spaceship and hear for the pyramid. Careful to "jump stream" to avoid the acid stream.
- When you get stung by the animal return to your spaceships laboratory and get serum number 6 (Poisons/Venoms). Put the empty mug in the niche for the serum. The serum dispenser will work only 2 times but you will not need it any more, only this one time.
- Get the cushion you will need it in the pyramid
- Return now all the way to the Pyramid.
- Open the mouth of the dog, take the jewel and open the pyramid door with it.
- Get down to the skeleton room, get the grey disk (you don't need the skull)
- Go to the mini-pyramid room, touch the pyramid to open the secret passage.
- Enter the secret room and get the dusty ball, clean the ball, throw the ball at the wall to extract the shiney key (Should the secret door close then "turn podium" to open it again or just leave the room befor it closes)
- Go to the mirror room. In the mirror room go NW-S-SE-E-NE-W-SE and then DOWN. (You might have to try several times until you don't bump into a wall any more)
- Drop all you have except the cushion and the shiney key (You will need to carry a heavy rod later)
- Head for the other mini-pyramid room
- Put the cushion on the floor, put the shiney key in the keyhole, catch the crystal (wait a little for a secret room to open)
- Get back to the round room and take the rod
- Go and take all the items you left before.
- Go back through the mirror room NW-E-SE-S-NW-SE and UP (again you might have to try several times to go in a certain direction until you don't bump into a wall)
- Go back to where the big climbable tree is. A new way heading SW will be available now.
- Follow the SW track and enter the Antenna Building (From now on, when you find things to read, read them backwards - SDRAWKCAB)
- Go to the transport booth and push the button
- Go find the robot in the Reactor Control room, "open panel" and get the plastic card
- Open the closed door with the plastic card, enter and get the suit
- Go to the transport boot and push the purple button to get the goggles, push the cyan button to go to the ice planet. Use the tan button to get back to the planet with your spaceship (to refill water or to sleep for example)

ON THE ICE PLANET (in reality a giant planetsize spaceship)
- Enter the building and put the grey disk in the slot
- DROP ALL ! If not you will loose all when the robot comes. You will find the grey disk here again, you don't need it.
- Wait for the robot to zap you and then get all your posessions again.
- Wear the suit and go out to the circular corridor
- Go to Transmission room and turn off the alarm (this is not a neccesary step though)
- Go to the Maintenance room, find and get the gloves (you don't need the "device" found there)
- Go to the closed door and open it with the pastic card
- Enter to the Emergency Override room and Hit the cryo tube with the mug to free the scientist
- Either wait for the scientist here or follow him (you will end up in the same room again anyhow)
- Give him the clear crystal
- Wait to hear all his instructions
- Head for the elevator and go to the level the scientist mentioned you (480)
- Now is the time to wear the goggles and the gloves
- Exit and head for the room where the panel with the crystals are
- Open the panel and get the blue crystal
- Place your clear crystal in the soket

That is about it.

Remember, there are many more rooms and objects you should investigate.