Terminal Velocity

Customer Cheat

The following cheats are available by typing in the given codes, one character at a time:
  • trigods - Invincibility toggle.
  • trishld - Restore shields.
  • trinext - Skip to the next level.
  • trihovr - Hover in place.
  • trifir8 - Afterburner.
  • maniacs - Afterburner.
  • triburn - Fast afterburner.
  • trscope - Toggles music oscilloscope.
  • trframe - Count frames per second.
  • trwarpX - (where X is a level #) Warp to level X of current episode.
  • 3drealm - "Smokin'"; power up everything.
  • trifir9 - Thirty seconds of invisibility.
  • trifir0 - Thirty seconds of invincibility.
  • trifir1 - PAC ammo.
  • trifir2 - ION ammo.
  • trifir3 - RTL ammo.
  • trifir4 - MAM ammo.
  • tifir5 - SAD ammo (registered version only).
  • trifir6 - SWT ammo (registered version only).
  • trifir7 - DAM ammo (registered version only).
Extra Keys 

Each of the following must be invoked from the main menu. If they don't work on their own, try holding [ctrl] down before pressing the desired letter.

  • [Z] - Display benchmark statistics for your computer.
  • [M] - Play a MOD file.
  • [B] - Play a TVI animation file.
  • [S] - Sound debug mode.
  • [R] - Record a demo.
  • [P] - Play a demo.

  • "Customer Cheat" means it's the cheat given out with the registered version of the software.
  • "Debug Mode" means it's an unsupported cheat mode.
  • "Tech Parameter" means it's a code that does something, but really isn't a cheat, it's more or less there to help Apogee Customer Support.
  • "Misc Command Line Parameter" is the same type of thing as Tech Parameter.
Cheat keys are not officially supported by Apogee. If you use the debug keys, Apogee cannot provide any support, since this alters game performance to a state where our standard support comments and issues might not apply. In short, using cheat keys can cause the game to malfunction or crash. Use at your own risk!