Wacky Wheels

Customer Cheat

The following command line parameters can be used in both the shareware and registered versions of the game:

  • /2 Fast gameplay.
  • /3 Really fast gameplay.
  • /debug Create a ERR.LOG file as you play.
  • turbo Activate the turbo key [brake]+[fire].
  • jump Activate the jump key [brake]+[accelerate].

    Additionally, you can specify ONE of the following three weapon parameters:

  • hog Get 99 hedgehogs.
  • ice Get 99 ice cubes.
  • fire Get 99 fireballs.
Miscellaneous stuff
  • Hitting [F10] during game play will write the screen out to a PCX file.
  • There is a way to play a track from the registered version of Wacky Wheels in the shareware version, namely, the track featured in the ordering information. Follow these steps:

    1.start a new game and complete track 1
    2.save the game and quit to the main menu
    3.look at the ordering information
    4.go back to main menu and restore the saved game

  • If you start a race, and don't move at all, you can see the Dopefish.  Start spinning in a circle while holding the brake on.  If you complete a full circle without letting the lion that starts the race leave the screen, you'll see Dopefish.  You can repeat it as many times as you want so long as the lion does not leave the screen.
Miscellaneous Command Line Parameter
  • "now" will start the game directly from the main menu.

  • "Customer Cheat" means it's the cheat given out with the registered version of the software.
  • "Debug Mode" means it's an unsupported cheat mode.
  • "Tech Parameter" means it's a code that does something, but really isn't a cheat, it's more or less there to help Apogee Customer Support.
  • "Misc Command Line Parameter" is the same type of thing as Tech Parameter.
Cheat keys are not officially supported by Apogee. If you use the debug keys, Apogee cannot provide any support, since this alters game performance to a state where our standard support comments and issues might not apply. In short, using cheat keys can cause the game to malfunction or crash. Use at your own risk!