Duke Nukem II

Duke Nukem II is everything you'd want from an action game. An incredibly sophisticated game engine gives this high-action game the power needed to 'nuke' your computer! Duke blasts his way through your screen with enough firepower to wake your neighbors.

The original Duke Nukem, released June 1991, soared to the top of the Shareware Top 10 list, where's it's been camped for 22 straight months--no other shareware program (of any type) has been this enduring and popular. But the reason for Duke's extraordinary success is simple: It delivers the action players love, with state-of-the-art animation and graphics. The new Duke Nukem II once again sets the new standard for arcade/action games.

In this latest saga, Duke Nukem, while being interviewed on TV about his best selling book, "Why I'm So Great", is suddenly abducted by aliens. Duke's alien captor explains that Duke's brain will be drained of all his knowledge, which will be used to formulate a master plan to seize control of Earth. Duke has two choices: He can be turned into a zombie by the EncephaloSucker, or 'kick-butt' like there's no tomorrow!

You guessed it! Our hero is ready for action. Duke must escape his alien prison cell, then battle to end the hideous plans of the Rigelatins.

We're talkin'...

  • Vivid, parallaxing graphics, with new graphics on every level!
  • Ad Lib music and digitized (Sound Blaster/compatible) sound effects.
  • Super boss enemies to defeat.
  • Special abilities, like invincibility for a short time.
  • Duke rides in space shuttle fighter on many levels, for varied action.
  • 32 action oriented levels in four tremendous episodes.
  • Nearly every level presents a wildly unique scenario for Duke to escape.
  • Enemies, mutations, robo-droids, guards, traps--all after the escaped Duke!
  • Built-in radar to help Duke on each level.
  • Save/restore, skill levels, cheat modes, secrets, joystick/gamepad support.
  • Game story by Tom Hall--the writer of all of Id Software's game stories.
  • Special graphics effects never before seen in an IBM PC game.
  • Requires a VGA graphics card.

For fans of the original Duke Nukem, all of your favorite touches are still here: soda cans for health, turkey for food, spy cameras watching your every move, boxes you can destroy for bonuses and surprises, and more. Duke still flips, and he walks hand over hand across pipes, chains and ropes, with the new ability of shooting downward while doing so. Duke can also crouch, duck, and shoot upward.

Also, in Duke Nukem II, Duke has four weapons: blaster, laser cannon, missiles, and flame thrower. The flame thrower, when aimed downward, propels Duke upward like a jetpack!

As with the original Duke Nukem, this game has many secret bonuses for you to discover while playing the game, that really add to your high score. (For example, shoot all the spy cameras on a level for an extra 50,000 points.)

Originally released December 3, 1993.

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  1. 4duke.zip - v1.0 shareware episode (1119k)

System Requirements



  • 286 Computer (386 or higher strongly recommended)
  • 550k of conventional memory
  • 5 meg of Hard Drive Space (for shareware)
  • 10 meg of Hard Drive Space (for registered)


  • Sound Blaster or 100% compatible
  • Sound Blaster Pro or 100% compatible
  • Joysticks
  • Gravis Gamepad



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