Duke Nukem 3D Playstation Sound Outtakes

By George Broussard - June 11, 1997

I sent a list of voice work to be recorded by Jon St. John (the guy who does the Duke Nukem voice) last week, and just got it back from Lee Jackson (our sound / music dude) after processing. (Man it was really cool going through new voice work, and made me want to get Duke Forever going even faster.)

These voices were being done for the Playstation version of Duke Nukem 3D ("Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown").

Following are some hilarious outtakes from the recording session (the Real Audio files require the RealPlayer.  You can get it for free here):


This was supposed to be a simple line saying "The Captain's Log" (A sci-fi TV show reference, but not exactly what you'd expect. Think "log". Jon seemed to have real trouble keeping a straight face on this one. (Here he is first losing control. You can hear Lani Minella's (Sound Producer) voice in the background on some of these).

TAKE 1: [ 268k .wav file | 24k Real Audio 3.0 File ]

TAKE 2: [ 76k .wav file | 7k Real Audio 3.0 File ]

TAKE 3: [ 147k .wav file | 13k Real Audio 3.0 File ]

(Continued problems with the line.)
TAKE 4: [ 220k .wav file | 20k Real Audio 3.0 File ]

(John shows the age old technique for getting serious for a recording session)

TAKE 5: [ 184k .wav file | 16k Real Audio 3.0 File ]

Jon finally does the line with a straight face.
TAKE 6: [ 47k .wav file | 4k Real Audio 3.0 File ]


This harmless little line was to simply be "Engage".

Jon is really versatile isn't he? ;) I'm still laughing so hard at this one, I think I've wet myself.

TAKE 1: [ 122k .wav file | 11k Real Audio 3.0 File ]

The correct line.
TAKE 2: [ 20k .wav file | 1k Real Audio 3.0 File ]


This line was a simple "Excellent". How hard could that be?

Jon once again, shows his voice range. My pants were already wet at this point, so further wetness didn't matter.

TAKE 1: [ 216k .wav file | 19k Real Audio 3.0 File ]

The correct line.
TAKE 2: [ 24k .wav file | 2k Real Audio 3.0 File ]


Jon had to say Homer Simpson's "D'oh" for the game. Lee Jackson decided to have a little fun with all the D'ohs he recorded. If anyone remembers the Simpsons episode where they put 32 D'ohs together in the span of about 15 seconds, you'll appreciate this.

TAKE 1: [ 228k .wav file | 20k Real Audio 3.0 File ]

So boys and girls, I hope you all see how hard making video games is. The dedication and effort that goes into bringing you, the consumer, a cool product. We sacrifice ourselves for your benefit.....Oh who are we kidding? We're little kids that never grew up. ;) Until next time...