Duke Nukem 3D Walkthrough

Faces of Death
Episode 1, Level 7 (DM Only)

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First off, a little explanation to Faces of Death.   It is not intended to be a single player or co-op level.  The primary reason for this is because the level has no exit!   It was always intended to be a Dukematch only level.   When we were developing the Xbox 360 Arcade version, we had to go all the way back to the original Build materials to find out what the deal was with this level, as none of us could remember for sure.  There technically is an exit in there as the game wouldn't recognize it as a valid level without one.  However, there's nothing in the game that says you have to actually be able to REACH the exit.  So that's what the deal is.   In the original PC DOS game, the only way to get to this level was with command line parameters, it was not selectable in the menus.  In the Xbox 360 version, it is only available via Dukematch games.   If you are playing a player match Dukematch game, you can play the game with or without enemies in it.   If you play with enemies in it, you are going to see a lot of this...

That is because the game has rather a lot of Battlelords in it.  This is a really tight confined space, and you start off with just the pistol.  You will be spending a lot of time running up against the Battlelords with a pistol - no fun.   There are other weapons in the level, but you have to pass the Battlelords to get to them, and that is not easy.  Even with other weapons, it's no simple job to take them out.

If you play the game with no monsters, you can progress through the rest of the level far easier.  It is a pretty good dm level, but not with enemies, though.  There are four main areas to this game.   The first is a circle of rooms that goes around the entire level, the second is a series of small rooms.  The third is the central area with a visual effect that can make the most hardened 3D gamer somewhat nauseous.  Finally, the fourth is room that is only accessible after flipping a switch that is well hidden.  In this walkthrough we will show you the pattern of achieving these things, but since there is no true exit to this level, that's all we can show you.

Faces of Death Weapons

The circle around the level has several blue containers of water with weapons in them.  In the back of these containers you will see several faces in an outfit that looks like a cross between an astronaut's outfit and scuba gear.   The weapons in here cannot be retrieved from the circle of rooms you are in.   You need to make your way to the second room.  You can get into these other rooms by using the teleports you can see in various parts of the level. 

When you go into the teleports, you will see some faces on an outer wall, and you will see some other faces on top of small puddles of water.  These waters are the top of the blue containers from the first part of the level.  Match the faces, and you will get the appropriate weapon.

Faces of Death Locked Area

The fourth area of this level is a room that you can only get to if you use the blue key.   Since this is technically a Dukematch game, you have all the keys in your arsenal anyway, you don't need to go find it.   You will need to find the top of the container with the picture of "Todd" on top of it.   The blue key switch is there.  Go in there and use it.

When you use the blue key, back up and look inbetween the "Todd" and the "Allen" pictures, you will see an inclining room with a rather fast moving pillar.  The door you just unlocked is behind that pillar.  When going up there, be careful of the pillar, if it catches you, you'll get squashed and die immediately.  The room at the top of the incline has several things of use, but the first time someone goes in there, the room is full of tripmines, not all of which are visible immediately.   They can't all be taken out in one chain reaction, it will take a few passes to get them all out, either by rocket or pipebomb - or just running into them.

That's about it for stuff to tell you about this level.  It's a DM level, so there's lots of snipe spots, hiding places, and things like that.  One cool thing about the teleports.  Since the level is circular, you can use the teleports to have some fun with rockets.  If you position it correctly, you can fire a rocket through a teleporter, and it will "make the rounds", and go through all the teleporters, and go around the whole level in a circle.  That's kind of cool.

Also, the faces in the level are the faces of the 3D Realms staff here at the time.   These faces show up in some other levels in Episode 4 as pictures on "Wanted" signs in a police station.  :)



Faces of Death Secrets

Well, there aren't any!   Since this was never intended to be actually played single player, there aren't any secrets in this level to find.

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