Duke Nukem 3D for Xbox LIVE Arcade


Hail to the King ®

Duke Nukem, the politically incorrect action hero and ultimate alien ass kicker, defends Earth and its babes from alien invasion. This is the award winning game that helped define the FPS genre and that introduced unparalleled interactivity and a main character that spoke. Take the fight to the aliens across 39 levels featuring Hollywood, Los Angeles, a moon base and alien spacecraft. Innovative items like the Jetpack, HoloDuke, Shrink Ray or Pipe Bombs, allow you to fight the aliens in any style you want. Defeat the aliens, so Duke can get back to some R&R with a stogie, a warm belly and a bottle of Jack.

Originally released September 24, 2008

Duke Nukem 3D Xbox LIVE Arcade Official Trailer Video

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You can download an HD copy of the trailer video at the links on this page, or you can check it out on Youtube to get a streaming version for your own site.  You can also view some video which shows gameplay in action at Shacknews here and here.  Thanks to Shacknews for the HD stream here.

Duke Nukem 3D Xbox LIVE Arcade Features

A classic returns in an updated and improved form:

Eight player co-op and DukeMatch play

Play ranked matches in one on one or free for all for leaderboard spots. A playlist of levels keeps the game fresh and levels will rotate on and off the list.

Play co-op with your friends and earn all single player achievements or complete the game regardless if it's co-op or single player. It's your choice how to play.

By reserving private slots you can play with your friends or with strangers in any combination. Invite away.

User Clips

Every time you play a single or multiplayer game, a user clip is recorded. These user clips can be viewed anytime in your theater or shared with your friends who own the game.

User Clips are also uploaded to leaderboard spots if you complete a level the fastest (time trials) or get the highest score on a level.

If you are trying to speed run a level, and are having trouble, download a clip from the leaderboard and study it for tips.

Painless Death

Upon death you are presented with a TiVo-style timeline. You can review your play from the start of the level up until your death and jump in at any point.

Go back 10 seconds or 10 minutes, the choice is up to you.

You can still save and load your game at any point (the old fashioned way), but you never have to.

Artwork Gallery

As you unlock achievements you also unlock Duke Nukem 3D concept art. You can visit the Gallery in the game any time and view never before seen original concept art and learn more about the game.

360 Support

Updated support for common 360 items like controller vibration, Bilinear filtering (optional), Xbox LIVE Vision Camera for DukeMatch, and more.



Duke Nukem 3D Xbox LIVE Arcade Press


Considering that Duke 3D never had an ubiquitous online matchmaking system, Xbox Live should provide fans with the best multiplayer experience in the game's history.

As for the game itself, it's Duke Nukem 3D. On the surface, it's all about babes, explosions, and catchphrases. But beneath that superficial crust is some excellent weapon and level design.

The port's new replay feature will go a long way toward justifying this purchase for the latter group (Duke veterans). Simply stated, Duke 3D XBLA is always recording as you play, saving every second of your current run.


I can see that someone finished the first level in a bit more than 13 seconds... but the little camera icon indicates that the clip of the player's action is available, so I can pull it up and view what was done to get that time.

Multiplayer is also supported in Duke 3D in a number of ways, both through Xbox Live and System Link for up to eight participants. In addition to the everyone-for-himself DukeMatch, there's also an eight-player cooperative mode that should be pretty wild -especially if you have friendly fire turned on.

Among the weapons you can use are your default pistol, a shotgun, a grenade launcher and pipe bombs. Cooler fare includes a "Microwave Expander," which blows up enemies from the inside out. My fave is the Shrinker, which reduces a foe into something you can literally stomp out with your shoe.


I have to say that I was amazed how well Duke holds up after a dozen years.

The controls don't feel limited as in some other shooters of yore and 3D Realms really did throw everything and the kitchen sink into this game. There's something incredibly satisfying about putting your boot through an alien's face.

Want to know how someone finished the first level in under a minute? Now you can watch and learn. Not sure where a secret is located? The score leader probably found them all, so watch his run and see where things are located.

Official Xbox Magazine:

The Arcade rebirth brings a wealth of new features to the table, including eight-player online co-op and Dukematch, recordable and uploadable user gameplay clips, Vision camera support for multiplayer lobbies, and - get this - TiVo.

We've played the Arcade version, and the good news is that it holds up just fine. The controls are just dandy, with the gamepad steering Duke around about as well as the mouse and keyboard did.

The game itself is still fun too, its memorable level design and weapons withstanding the test of time.

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Duke Nukem 3D Xbox LIVE Arcade Image Gallery

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Xbox LIVE Achievements

Here is a list of the 12 achievements you can get in Duke Nukem 3D for Xbox Live Arcade.

  Name Description Gamerscore
Piece of Cake Complete "L.A. Meltdown" on any difficulty or in co-op 25
Let's Rock Complete "Lunar Apocalypse" on any difficulty or in co-op 25
Come Get Some Complete "Shrapnel City" on any difficulty or in co-op 25
Game Over Complete "The Birth" on any difficulty or in co-op 25
Alien Maggots are Gonna Pay Finish the "Hollywood Holocaust" level in under 3 minutes 10
Shake it Baby Tip an exotic dancer 10
Looks Like Cleanup in Aisle 4 Step in a pile of excrement 10
Oomph, Uugh, Where is it? Find 70 secret areas 10
Duke's Mighty Foot Step on 40 enemies after using the Shrinker on them 10
Gonna Rip Em' a New One Get 100 total kills in ranked Dukematch games (online) 10
See You in Hell Get 250 total kills in ranked Dukematch games (online) 15
Hail to the King, Baby Earn respect and get 500 total kills in ranked Dukematch games (online) 25