"Where is DNF?"

Much of what Todd says holds up against our scienctific evidence. We conducted a number of trails to find out what makes the ideal game. Our results will both shock and amaze you.

3DRealms ownz you!

If we directly compare the level of eye candy in games to the quality of the gameplay, a disturbing and all to familiar pattern thats to appear. I think this needs no further explanationů.

Send me your money!

What else can we work out from the little data we have? Another useful graph can be generated by taking the amount of DNF screenshots released to the web and the level of hype generated. Here we can clearly see a pair of women's breasts in the graph, fascinating. 

So is DNF a game? Is DNF an operating system? Is DNF really just an abbreviated term for Do Not Fart? I can't answer these questions... please, no more questions! Although I know a man who can...


Am I gay?Many things you read here today will be new to you, but if you take the time to digest the rich banquet of information we offer here, your life will be enriched. Who can predict what the future holds for DNF, will it ever be released, does it really exist, where did I put my car keys, the questions are many and the answers are few.

If you only remember one thing from this experience, let it be 'variable length hemp rope'
I have been Peter 'Maverick' Bridger, goodnight.

Credits: This special feature has been brought to you by Maverick of This Strife and TMST. Special thanks to the one and only Todd Replogle from taking time out for answer our questions, you the man.