Tonight, we delve into the untold world of Commander Keen that goes beyond pogo sticks, candy, and saving the Galaxy from certain destruction. A world of

A world that is so far removed from the life of that happy, healthy ten-year-old before he became Commander Keen, that much of it has been covered up...

Until now.

Young Billy Blaze was the middle child of a family of five in the year 1990.  His parents, Arthur and Susan Blaze, were employed with Milwaukee's modest media industry. Billy's fourteen-year-old brother, Bobby, was an accomplished football player at his local high school, and his younger sister, Lily, at age eight, showed a remarkable talent for the clarinet.

Unlike his siblings, young Billy showed no outstanding achievements, academically, or in cultural and sporting areas.

The victim of a mild case of "middle child syndrome", Billy would often distance himself from his other family members, pursuing solitary activities such as playing computer-games on his Atari-2600. His only outdoor exercise came from bouncing around on an old pogo stick.

The Blazes seemed to be your average nuclear family of the early nineties. However, the high-speed alpha particles of destruction that would blow this family's nucleus apart were, unbeknownst to anyone at the time, already being loaded into the particle accelerator of Destiny.