Duke Nukem: Color Gameboy


The biggest game hero of our time gets small!   That's right, Duke Nukem is finally on the Color Gameboy platform!

In a throwback to the two original Duke Nukem games, Duke on the Color Gameboy plays a lot like the scrolling games found in the first two Duke Nukem adventures for the PC.

This high action game is an original Duke Nukem game for the Color Gameboy only!  Includes Spanish, Italian, French, & German language options!

You can also purchase a copy for your Color Gameboy if you don't have one already.  No Color Gameboy?  No problem, you can purchase a Color Gameboy too (from Amazon.com).

The Game Story

As the game begins, Duke has been abducted by the Zorgonites and locked up in a prison cell on a distant planet.  He's got to bust out and fight his way back to and prevent the Zorgonites from taking over the universe along the way. 

No problem. 

Naturally, Duke will need weaponry and vehicles... he'll have to make do with whatever's lying around. He'll also need access cards to get through certain doors. He'll find these cards by searching in the right areas. Some cards are very well hidden, so be sure to check out every corner of every area you can find! 

The best way for Duke to bring down the Zorgonites is to take out their Emperor, and that won't be easy. Thousands of bloodthirsty Zorgonites have sworn to protect their Emperor at any cost. Oh, and the Emperor is on another planet. Well, minor setbacks like those never stopped Duke before, right? Anyway, once the Emperor is out of the picture, Duke can return to Earth and look forward to a life free of alien threat. Hopefully. 

Snap on your shades and get pumped... it's time to kick some Zorgonite butt!

Originally released September 10, 1999.

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Meet the Color Gameboy Team


This is the Duke Nukem: Color Gameboy Development Team.  Click on each person's head to learn a little about them. (Requires Javascript)

Front Row - Matt Ellison, David Gaunt
Back Row - Chris Brown, Andrew McIntosh, Peter Suwara, Kevin McIntosh, Chris Hancock, Bill McIntosh, Jeremy Geddes.
Not pictured - Justin Muir, Andrew McGuiness, Iulian Bucur, & Troy Stanios.