Meet the Remedy Team!

Here's a picture that we feel that Max Payne fans would like to see.

This is the Remedy team on the day that Max Payne was certified Gold (Sunday July 15, 2001).  Make sure and check out the champagne bottle in the foreground of the picture.  You can click on the picture for a much larger version.

Back row, left to right:

Petri Ljungberg (IT)
Tuukka Taipalvesi (IT)
Sam Lake (Story&Script)
Petteri Salo (Programming, MaxEd)
Markus Mäki (Admin, IT)
Jaakko Lehtinen (Programming, MaxEd)
Aki Määttä (Level Design)
Matti Kamula (Graphics Design)
Samuli Viikinen (back) (Level Design, lead)
Peter Hajba (front) (Animation, Particles and Sound Design)
Marko Leinonen (Graphics Design)
Anssi Hyytiäinen (Level Design)
Olli Tervo (Programming)

Front row, left to right:

Tero Tolsa (Level Design)
Sami Vanhatalo (Art Lead)
Markus Stein (Programming, lead)
Petri Järvilehto (Project Lead)
Matias Myllyrinne (Business Admin)
Mika Reini (Office Manager)