Many folks have asked about a walkthrough for the PC version of Max Payne, and here it is - finally.  A full walkthrough for Max Payne is shown here on this web site.   We at 3D Realms & Remedy wish to thank Charles Adams for doing the work on this walkthrough - it wouldn't exist without his hard work and dedication.  This walkthrough originally appeared online here, and you should check out his web site, as it has many other high quality game walkthroughs besides this one for Max Payne.

If you are interested in a book version - you can purchase the Official PC Max Payne Strategy Guide through and you can have a handy print version available wherever you want to read it!

Below, you can pick any of the levels in the game, and you will see a full walkthrough with pictures showing you where you need to go and what you need to do.  Furthermore, any of the pictures you see below can be clicked on for a larger version!

When you start out head over the markings on the wall and use them. After the cutscene move into the next room.

Head over to the phone and use it. Then head over to the cabinet.

Open the cabinet and grab the pump action shotgun. Then exit the room and take a left and head up the stairs.

As you come to the top take a right. As you near the door it will open and a druggie will burst through. Take him down and a second will come in behind him.

When you enter the room after the baby's room, you can pick up a baseball bat in the corner of the room.

After getting the bat, you can progress into the next room where there will be one more bad guy.

Go to the left and enter the personel only door. Open the door at the end of the blood trail.

Open the cabinet and get the Beretta ammo then head to the right side of the lockers.

Open the left one. Grab the Beretta ammo and then turn left and open the cabinet.

Get the painkillers and then head out to the subway area. Two thugs will be waiting for you.

Up the stairs and to the right are two more thugs. Eliminate them and head down the hall.

At the end of the hall and to your left is a thug. Kill him but you can't get through that way. Turn around and head down the stairs.

Head left at the subway platform. As you turn down the next hall there will be a thug with a shotgun, so kill him.

Get his shotgun. The door is locked and you don't know the key so head through the gate.

At the bottom left there are two thugs. If you don't get the one on the right, he'll run to the next room, but you will have to take care of the one of the left right away. Head through the door and take out the 1 or 2 guys in there.

Go to the right cabinet and grab the painkillers and ammo.

Then go to the other side of the lockers. The far left locker has some more ammo. Then exit back to the subway platform.

Down the platform about halfway there is a door on the left. When you open it you'll see a thug about to shoot someone.

Take him down. Head into the room. On the entrance side in the first locker there is some ammo. Then head around to the cabinet.

Grab the shells from the cabinet and then head out of the room and to your left.  There is a room next to the train with some extra ammo.  The guard you saved might complain about not getting to the control room, but there's no hurry.

After grabbing the extra ammo, head back up to the locked door. The guard you found can open it.

When the guard opens to door he'll get blasted. Open the door and head into the first room.

There will be 5 guys to take care of in the subway control room. Take them out and then go into the door on the right.

Hit the button to turn on line #2 and grab the painkillers. The head back out of the control area.

Head through the gate again and go down to the end of the track and board the yellow subway car.

Use the steering wheel inside the car to get it moving. When it stops exit through the front door and you'll be greeted by 4 thugs.

Head up to the door to finish the level.

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This walkthrough was created by Charles Adams.
It originally appeared online here.
Reprinted with permission.