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There has been a lot of attention paid to the subject of cookies in a web browser lately.  The cookie that is placed in your web browser is only there to determine what advertisement you are looking at on our web site.  It is not stored, retrieved, nor is anything else done with it.

The reason it is needed at all is so that when you click on an advertisement, the script that controls the advertisements knows what you are looking at.  If this cookie didn't exist, the advertisement would be unknown to the script.

Please be assured that we do not collect this information for any purpose.  The sole reason we look at the cookie file is to determine what advertisement you are seeing - we don't retain this information from anyone.   Here are the current advertisements running in our ad banner cycle and the manual links you need to click on to get to them.  If you want to read more about Web Cookies, you can do so at this collection of links about cookies at Yahoo's site.

About our Web Forums & Cookies - We use cookies in our web forums.  The only information used in the cookies is your user name, your last login, and your password.  This data is read by the forum software, but not stored anywhere, except on your computer.