Journey into an Aztec pyramid and survive the adventure of a lifetime! No other game forces you to die in order to complete it! That's just one of many incredible plot twists in this excellent puzzle-oriented arcade/adventure game.

In Paganitzu you'll guide your character, Alabama Smith (Al), into a vast and dangerous Aztec pyramid. Indiana Jones never had it so tough! Inside, you'll confront traps of increasing perplexity, and creatures you never dreamed existed.

This is a genuine adventure--not just a series of levels to conquer. You can follow different routes to achieve the winning goal. In fact, you can finish Paganitzu and still have missed many of the game's intriguing situations or animated sequences.

Phenomenal animated sequences carry you through the entire pyramid and to a dramatic conclusion. Stunning EGA graphics (VGA compatible). Also has special CGA mode, too!

In part one, "Romancing the Rose", Al discovers that the ancient Aztec pyramid, known as "Paganitzu", holds many dark secrets. Al inadvertently releases a spirit of immense power, who's desire is to ravage the world.

Part two, "The Silver Dagger", finds Al exploring deeper into the Aztec ruin, in search of clues to help halt the powerful force he's released. Al enters a world of fiery devastation, filled with all new graphics and perils. This game has two huge animated sequences that are worth the price of admission themselves!

Finally, in part three, "Jewel of the Yucatan", Al discovers the horrifying truth--the pyramid of Paganitzu is actually a living entity, which he could not see as a living person! Can Al still save the world? Will he escape with his life! The chilling end awaits...?

Paganitzu is an innovative arcade game. It tests your mind more than your finger speed. Each part has new puzzles, new graphics, and stunning story surprises. You won't be bored!


  • High-speed animation
  • Many full-screen images.
  • Dramatic animated sequences
  • Over 1 Meg of graphics
  • Built-in hints.
  • Often hilarious game
  • Save and restore up to five games.
  • Many secret rooms and treasures

By the way: "Paganitzu" is Aztec for "Temple of the Gods".

Released October 1991.

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System Requirements


  • XT Computer (286 or higher recommended)
  • 384k of conventional memory
  • EGA Graphics (there is also a CGA option)
  • 730k of Hard Drive Space (for shareware)
  • 2.9 meg of Hard Drive Space (for registered)
  • Joysticks Optionally Supported

Ordering Paganitzu

Format: Registered Download - File size: 1.16 Mb

Estimated Download Times:
28.8 Modem - 5 Minutes, 37 Seconds
56k Modem - 2 Minutes, 53 Seconds
128K ISDN - 1 Minutes, 16 Seconds
T1 - 6 Seconds