Remedy Launches New Look

Espoo Finland - April 29, 1999

Today, Remedy unveiled its new logo and company look. The new logo is a combination of a stylized bullet shape and the letter "R". Shades of blue were chosen to be the company colors. Samuli Syvahuoko, Remedy's Managing Director, commented: "Remedy is all about innovative, die-hard action games, and we felt that the company's look needed to bring this fact forward more strongly. This way we aim to better establish Remedy and the games we make into the minds of the gamers."

The idea of changing the company's look had been on the agenda since early last year. The final push to go ahead with the plan came when LucasArts, a U.S. game company, contacted Remedy and said that Remedy's logo too closely resembled that of LucasArts'. Not seeing any point in modifying the old logo, Remedy removed it from its web sites, and replaced it with a question mark.

Alongside the development of Max Payne™, Remedy's next game and highest priority, the company's graphic artists started brainstorming the new company look. "Coming up with a design that everyone could identify with certainly wasn't that easy; we tried out many different and interesting ideas over a long period of time, and finally came up with a combination that all of us love." said Kiia Kallio, the artist behind the logo.

The new look is now viewable at:

Remedy Entertainment, Ltd. was established in 1995 and is based in Espoo, Finland. Remedy is a dedicated and highly innovative team with its main emphasis on action gameplay and state-of-the-art technology. Co-operating with 3D Realms, Remedy is now working on its next title, Max Payne™. Max Payne is a story-driven third-person 3D action game that revolves around Max Payne, a hardboiled, fugitive undercover cop who is being framed for the murder of his boss. A mission to revenge his slaughtered family and to find and wipe out the source of a new lethal drug is taking him on an action-packed rampage through the criminal underworld of New York City. Max Payne will be released 'when it's done', and it will be published by The Gathering of Developers.

More information about Remedy, Max Payne, 3D Realms and The Gathering of Developers can be found at:

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