Garland, TX - July 24, 1997

First shown at E3 a few weeks ago, Max Payne impressed the press with its new
story-driven approach to the 3D action genre

3D Realms Entertainment has partnered with Remedy Entertainment to develop Max Payne, a game that will define a new hybrid genre that melds third-person 3D action with a progressive story. The story unfolds within the game itself through character interaction, clue finding, information resources and exploration, and through between-level comic book style cut scenes that have a gritty, realistic look.

The game is set in modern day New York city. Max Payne is the hard-boiled title character, a cop who finds himself framed for his boss' murder, and marked for death by the mob, the police, and a secret underground organization that Max was on the verge of breaking wide open. No one can be trusted. And when Max's family are slaughtered it's time to deliver some pain. Max Payne is coming to get his revenge.

The game uses a cutting-edge 3D engine comparable to the Prey engine, with a highly advanced character animation and movement system. It will also have extensive multiplayer support, including Internet play modes. The third-person viewpoint is comparable to that seen in Tomb Raider, but with several innovative refinements. The game is expect for release late in 1998.

Remedy Entertainment is based in Finland, where they've amassed that country's best demo scene talent, along with two 3D engine coders from the now defunct Scavenger. Remedy's previous release, Death Rally, was the number one download on Happy Puppy's Top Ten Downloads for 13 straight weeks, smashing the previous record held by Duke Nukem 3D. Max Payne's Producer, Petri Jarvilehto, commented: "With Max Payne we're stepping over the normal boundaries associated with 3D action: we're focusing strongly on the character, storyline and content right from the beginning. The 3rd-person perspective will allow us to do a lot of new things that haven't been done in 3D action, yet. And working with 3D Realms has been an absolute blast, with their experience and guidance we simply cannot go wrong."

"Remedy has got to be one of the most talented, properly committed developers I've seen come down the road since id Software," noted George Broussard, head of 3D Realms. "I know anything they do will be amazing. I'm as pumped about Max Payne as our two internal games, Duke Nukem Forever and Prey."

Already, several E3 generated articles have appeared about Max Payne, touting the game's "dark, violent and intense gameplay" and "a variety of interactive and realistic environments."

Remedy's full Max Payne team includes programmers Markus Stein, Jaakko Lehtinen and Olli Tervo, 3D engine specialists Timo Aila and Jussi Rasanen, artists Henri Blafield, Teemu Heinilehto, Samuli Viikinen and Peter Hajba, comic artist Kiia Kallio, storyline & designer Sami Jarvi, sound artist Tero Kostermaa, photographer Jonne Reijonen, asst. producer Samuli Syvahuoko, and finally project leader Petri Jarvilehto.

Remedy's web site is 3D Realms web site is Updated information and screen shots may be found at both sites.