Garland, TX - January 22, 1997

3D Realms Fans,

This is a quick note to tell you that 3D Realms has sold the rights to Blood (an upcoming 3D game) to Monolith Productions. The game will be published in retail by GT Interactive. For more information read the Monolith press release.


George Broussard
3D Realms Entertainment

NOTE: The following is the press release from Monolith Productions

Monolith Productions Announces Blood and Q Studios Acquisitions

Kirkland, Washington -January 22, 1997

Monolith Productions today announced the recent acquisition of all the rights to 3D action horror game Blood from 3D Realms. "Monolith believes that Blood will be THE deathmatch game of choice in 1997. The horrific nature of the game and quality of gameplay will give Blood the foundation it needs to become a phenomenal hit," says Monolith CEO Jason Hall. "This acquisition gives us the ability to give Blood the support and attention that it deserves," says Monolith Product Manager Matt Saettler.

While Monolith now owns all content and rights to Blood, the game will still be published and distributed by GT Interactive. "GT is a great publisher," says Hall, "they're one of the biggest and one of the best. They've clearly shown the desire and ability to promote and support Blood. We couldn't be happier with their efforts."

A shareware release of Blood is expected in March.

In related business, Monolith Productions today announced the recent acquisition and merger of Q Studios Corporation, a software development studio best known for its soon-to-be-released 3D action game, Blood.

Founded in 1994, Q Studios, a privately held Redmond, Washington based-company, specializes in 3Daction and strategy games and brings nearly 10 years of development experience to the Monolith staff.

The Q Studios acquisition is "a perfect partnership" says Hall. "We believe the relationship will be synergistic and beneficial to all those involved."

The Q Studios engineers, artists, and designers joined Monolith's full-time development staff, bringing many highly skilled and talented individuals to the development mix at Monolith's Kirkland headquarters. Q Studios executives who joined the Monolith team include Nick Newhard, former president of Q Studios and Lead Designer of Blood.

Founded in 1994, Monolith Productions, Inc. is a privately held Kirkland, Washington-based entertainment company that specializes in producing quality, eye-popping games for the PC. Monolith games are made by gamers for gamers.

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