New York, NY - September 2, 1999


The Raw Power of Gaming's Undisputed King of Action Placed in the Palm of Your Hand!

His kingdom now stretches to the vast lengths and widths of every current gaming platform, as GT Interactive Software Corp. (Nasdaq:GTIS) announces the release of Duke Nukem for the Game Boy Color. Developed by Torus Games, Duke Nukem's first Game Boy title features 16 vivid levels, each with a bold new look, a plethora of destructive weapons and alien enemies whose focus is to destroy the infamous Duke Nukem.

"Your Game Boy is about to become a man, as the legendary Duke Nukem extends his undisputed reign to yet another gaming platform," said Tony Kee, Director of Marketing for GT Interactive. "With the Game Boy Color, millions of fans worldwide can now carry the explosive power of Duke Nukem wherever they go."

Duke Nukem for the Game Boy Color features an incredibly sophisticated game engine providing high-octane gameplay that will 'nuke' your Game Boy! In addition to classic Duke Nukem adrenaline-pumping gameplay, the Game Boy Color delivers state of the art animation and graphics, as well as a "built in battery-pack" that allows the player to save their game at any point, rather than at the end of each level like the majority of titles for the Game Boy.

Duke Nukem for the Game Boy Color features:

  • 16 explosive levels of full color action
  • Built in battery pack- allows you to save your game at any point during the game
  • Richer backgrounds and vivid graphics that give every level a bold new look
  • Annihilating weapons including the blaster, laser cannon, missiles, and dual purpose flame thrower that also acts as a jetpack
  • Angry hordes of enemies and mutants including Robo-droids and aliens
  • Extensive Duke mobility! He flips, walks hand over hand across pipes, chains and ropes, he crouches and shoots upward
  • Space shuttle fighter rides for varied action
  • Special powers including invincibility, super shots and deadlier guns
  • Secret interactive features such as soda can power-ups, turkey for food, and explosive secret surprises

Duke Nukem for the Game Boy Color is currently available at a suggested retail price of $29.95. Additional information regarding Duke Nukem for the Game Boy Color can be found online at

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