New York, NY - February 29, 2000

GT Interactive: Duke Nukem Scores Big With His Newest Game for the
PlayStation Game Console: Planet of the Babes

Only the King of Action Can Rescue a Planet of Beautiful Babes Fighting for Their Life Against a New and Powerful Alien Threat--No One Said Being Duke was Easy!

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 29, 2000-- Babes. Lots of them in desperate need of help. That's all the argument necessary to recruit gaming's undisputed King of Action into saving a planet as GT Interactive Software (Nasdaq:GTIS - news) unleashes Duke Nukem: Planet of the Babes for the PlayStation® game console. Developed by n-Space, Duke Nukem: Planet of the Babes is slated to hit stores in May, and features white-knuckling combat through interactive, high-resolution 3D environments. With scores of new weapons, enemies and advanced artificial intelligence, Duke is in for the fight of his heroic life.

``Planet of the Babes shoots high and scores, a true milestone release in the Duke Nukem franchise,'' said Tony Kee, Vice President of Marketing for GT Interactive. ``Planet of the Babes delivers mature, compelling game play that pushes the envelope with no-holds-barred combat, high-resolution graphics, a new and very innovative Duke survival system that replaces the typical health system found in all other shooters, and lest we forget, lots of babes.''

In Earth's distant future, an alien race has launched a full-scale invasion, sinking the human population into anarchy and terror. The aliens then embark on their hideous primary objective: wiping out the male population so they can enslave women for use in their hybridization program. However, some women managed to escape, and united to form the Unified Babe Resistance (UBR).

But the scanty UBR defenses are being annihilated by a powerful new alien weapon, and with all hope nearly lost, they turn to Earth's long distant history and legendary hero, Duke Nukem. Using a time portal device, the UBR track down Duke and make his choice very simple: Help them or there will be no chicks in the future. Without hesitation, Duke answers, ``Let's Rock.''.

Features include:

  • Innovative ``Ego'' based health system for Duke Nukem, who will gain and lose Ego based on his actions in the game;
  • 24 fully detailed levels including 14 single player levels, 4 challenging training areas, and 6 multiplayer levels, all packed with explosive secret areas;
  • High-tech inventory including Infra-red goggles, Jetpack, Teleporter, GasMask and Duke's High-tech Shades Operating System!
  • Arsenal of weapons including Blaster, Flamer, RPG, and Grenade Launcher; plus Duke's new official weapon the golden Desert Eagle; each weapon also includes an auto-aiming option;
  • Over 20 Deadly new enemies including Mutant Gorillas, Chimpanzees and Orangutangs, Hunter Killer Babes, Hoglodytes, plus perennial favorites such as Pig Cops and Octabrains;
  • Mission Based game play featuring more than 25 real-time cinematic sequences to advance the plot. Also featuring un-lockable 'blooper' outtakes; 
  • Intense first person perspective multi-player support for two-players, featuring three modes of split-screen viewing;
  • Improved controls! Planet of the Babes offers jumping, climbing, swimming, jetpacking and zero gravity exploration. Also, Duke will ``auto-action'' things like opening doors, or simple actions like climbing short ledges, making game play more user-friendly.

Duke Nukem: Planet of the Babes is slated for release in May at a suggested retail price of $49.95. Additional information can be found on the World Wide Web at

n-Space, Inc. (,) based in Orlando, Florida, is a leading developer of entertainment software for the PlayStation and Microsoft Windows. Established in 1994, n-Space creates compelling, state-of-the-art games with cutting-edge 3D technology and vivid, inspiring imagery. n-Space enjoyed great success with Duke Nukem : Time to Kill and Rugrats 1 & 2, and has just completed Die Hard Trilogy 2. n-Space is represented by Interactive Studio Management, LLC.

3D Realms Entertainment develops compelling interactive entertainment that takes advantage of the latest 3D gaming technology, with a focus on the PC platform. Best known for the Duke Nukem game franchise (since 1991), 3D Realms creates content rich games that focus strongly on central characters. With its offices near Dallas, Texas, 3D Realms, a division of Apogee Software, Ltd., has been a key innovator since 1987, when it pioneered the shareware approach to game distribution. The company is now one of the best known and respected developers of computer entertainment worldwide.

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