Lately, we've started to notice that several people in the public eye happen to look like members of 3D Realms.  On this page, we will list them, along with the 3D Realms employee they look most like.  Got a suggestion?  Let us know!


Separated at Birth #5 - Joe Siegler & John Travolta


3D Realms' Joe Siegler John Travolta

Separated at Birth #4 - Ruben Cabrera & Oliver Platt


3D Realms' Ruben Cabera with WCW's Goldberg

Oliver Platt with WCW's Goldberg



Separated at Birth #3 - Lee Jackson & "Big Mick"


3D Realms' Lee Jackson Metallica's sound engineer "Big Mick"


Separated at Birth #2 - Bryan Turner & Jeff Foxworthy


3D Realms' Bryan Turner Comedian Jeff Foxworthy


Separated at Birth #1 - Matt Wood & Scott Weiland


mwood3.jpg (9341 bytes) Scott006.jpg (12182 bytes)
3D Realms' Matt Wood Stone Temple Pilots' Scott Weiland