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Major Stryker

In the not-so-distant future, the calamity of World War III led to eventual world peace. But, it did not last.... Earth was invaded by alien marauders--the Kretons. Earth's united military force, still depleted after the mighty onslaught of WWIII, was not nearly sufficient to repel the numerous Kreton attacks.

It was discovered that the Kretons had used a wormhole to invade our region of space from their home worlds. And with that knowledge Earth called into action Major Harrison Stryker, hero of WWIII, to travel back through the wormhole and destroy the Kreton's home world headquarters.

With almost no chance of success, you accept the mission...

Major Stryker is the first Apogee game with "triple-parallax scrolling", adding to the illusion of depth and danger. Your mission is to pilot a high-powered, armored space ship through dozens of stunning scenarios, such as space stations, lava caves and alien cities.


  • Adlib music and Sound Blaster digitized effects.
  • EGA high-speed animated graphics (VGA compatible).
  • Cinematic sequences.
  • Unlike any other Apogee game up to the game's release.
  • Full of bonuses and secrets to discover.
  • Save and restore up to 10 games.
  • Play with joystick or keyboard.
  • Exciting demo mode.

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Major Stryker Downloads

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  1. - v1.4 shareware episode (589k)
  2. - v1.4 full freeware release (1.1Mb)

System Requirements


  • 286/12 Computer (386 or higher recommended)
  • 448k of conventional memory
  • EGA Graphics
  • 2.5 meg of Hard Drive Space (for shareware)
  • 6.5 meg of Hard Drive Space (for registered)


  • Adlib
  • Sound Blaster
  • Joysticks