Chris Hargrove
One of them programmer types

3D Realms Duties

I write code. I also eat sometimes, since food is good. I used to sleep, but that became terribly inefficient. I like caffeine a lot. 

Projects Worked on 

For Others: Mageslayer (programmer), Take No Prisoners (programmer)

For 3D Realms: Duke Nukem Forever (programmer)

Education / Career Highlights

Your typical elementary/intermediate schools, Herndon High School, 2 1/2 years at Virginia Tech.

Before Apogee I worked at Raven Software for a little over a year or so, which was my first real position in the field. Prior to that I spent most of my waking hours creating happy little pieces of code and smashing my grade point average into nothingness. I've only been really programming to any degree for about 4 years, but it's been a hectic 4 years. I plan to program until I die, at which point my programming presence will be felt on all of the alternate planes of existence which I have not yet visited. 

Other Interests / Hobbies 

Women, Games, Women, Music, Women, Food, and Women.

What He Drives 

A '96 Dodge Neon, Base style. A nice car for 10k, which is good since I don't have more to spend. 

Favorite Musician/Band 

Changes from week to week. If it's hard hitting and electronic in some fashion, I probably like it.

Favorite Sports Team 

The Green and Gold. Titletown. Lombardi's legends. Take a wild guess (yes I only lived in Wisconsin for a year, but that's all it takes to be a convert for life. They do
that deliberately I think).

Favorite Computer Games 

Quake, Warcraft 2, Epic Pinball. All soon to be surpassed by the phenomenal power of DNF.


"I'm the man and you're the man and he's the man as well so you can point that f--king finger up your a--" -Tool